GSoC ’17 Wrap Up – GNU MediaGoblin

Prologue Aaand, my open source journey continues! I was very fortunate to get selected for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) this year. I have to admit that it has propelled me to work with many open source tools. I worked on extending the video player in GNU MediaGoblin to accommodate multiple resolutions of the video.… Continue reading GSoC ’17 Wrap Up – GNU MediaGoblin


A bit like a coin…

We're all agitated to some extent with exchange rates of different currencies and bank formalities. Can we have a universal currency with no bank monitoring it? It'd be awesome right? But wait.... No banks? Let me break this down a little bit and explain why the bank is actually necessary when we are making a… Continue reading A bit like a coin…

coala and the beginning of my open source journey!

It's been a long time since I last blogged and as the title suggests, I will be talking about how my interest in open source software grew and how I started contributing and ended being a part of a lovely community, coala. Baby Steps ... I have to admit that Sunil Mohan Adapa is one… Continue reading coala and the beginning of my open source journey!